The Furies

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You’d kill to be one of them.

Prepare for a haunting and shocking story of obsession, witchcraft and murder in Katie Lowe’s debut, THE FURIES one of the most anticipated titles of 2019.

‘A spell-binding debut that examines the dark heart of friendship, obsession, and revenge. I was bewitched by Katie Lowe's deliciously chilling storytelling. THE FURIES is a compulsive and unsettling read, dripping in atmosphere and suspense’
Lucy Clarke, bestselling author of YOU LET ME IN

‘THE FURIES can be described as PREP meets THE CRAFT, while managing to be a dark, weird creature all of its own. Witches, murder, and teenage girls – this is the book of my dreams. I am obsessed’
Louise O’Neill, bestselling author of ONLY EVER YOURS

‘THE FURIES is mesmerising, disturbing and completely addictive – it's a brilliant book about the power, vulnerability and rage of teenage girls, and it couldn't feel more timely. Lowe's beautiful prose is thrillingly, chillingly dark, and Violet is the sort of heroine that you want to throw yourself down the rabbit hole with – you know that she's going somewhere terrifying but you have to follow her journey’
Daisy Buchanan, author of THE SISTERHOOD

‘Witchcraft, teenage angst, friendship, murder. A beautifully-paced debut with hints of THE SECRET HISTORY. Intense, stylish, and deliciously dark’
Will Dean, author of DARK PINES

‘THE FURIES is a haunting tale of angry, young women, the fates they hold and furies they possess. Katie Lowe steers her juggernaut through twists of madness, revenge and murder to a finish that resonates deeply. It still hasn’t left me’ - Peter Filardi, screenwriter of THE CRAFT

‘Donna Tartt’s THE SECRET HISTORY meets Emma Cline’s THE GIRLS in this taut, intense, and unputdownable debut. Lowe's depiction of adolescent female friendships is at once unthinkably dark and uncomfortably real. THE FURIES will leave you breathless’ - Corinne Sullivan, author of INDECENT

‘Katie Lowe is a magical wonder! THE FURIES, a modern tale of witchcraft, betrayal, and murder, combines the linguistic pyrotechnics of Poe, the Gothic sensibilities of Daphne du Maurier, and the psychological suspense of Shirley Jackson in a disturbing, edge-of-your-seat thriller that will terrify as well as enchant!’ - V. S. Alexander, author of THE MAGDALEN GIRLS

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