The Guardian - The best recent thrillers – review roundup

“Katie Lowe’s debut, The Furies (HarperCollins), opens with an image of a dead 16-year-old girl, dressed in white and sitting on a swing, and a woman remembering the scene years later, “not because it was horrific, nor due to some long-standing, unresolved trauma. No, my feeling is quite the opposite: a thrill, cold and sweet, in the recall.”

We then move back in time to learn of the events leading up to the murder; how Violet starts at a girls’ private school where witch trials took place in the 17th century, how she is drawn into the intense friendship circle of three girls obsessed with witchcraft and how they begin to cross some dangerous lines. Lowe is very good on the passion of teenagers for their friends, “that crush of love and hate, the cruel and rotten bliss of friendship”; the places her angry young women reach as they spiral into rage are very dark indeed.”

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